• Project Type

    Residential Hardscape Renovation and Addition with Drainage
  • Project Location

    Jenkintown, PA
  • Estimated Project Budget

    $24,000 - $28,000
  • Projected Timeline

    2 to 3 Weeks
  • Project Size

    Approximately 400 square feet of renovation with 250 feet of additional patio space and 20 linear feet of custom stone seating wall

Project Detail

Wet set hardscape regrout and rest with wet set irregular flagstone addition and custom stone veneer walls and a subsurface drainage addition.

The existing patio had been constructed in two phases and were not congruent in design or construction. We needed to reset those areas as well as add a third expansion while keeping the construction style seamless. The property has existing drainage issues and we set up lawn drains as well as routed near by downspouts to drain on the opposing end of the rear yard. The client has a historical construction house with stone that is only produced at one existing quarry so we need to have stone veneers custom cut to match the house façade.

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