STEP 1 - Initial phone conversation

Phone conversation to discuss your project and schedule a time that best suits you to meet for a consultation about your project.


STEP 2 - Initial on site consultation

Elaborate on our phone conversation.

Discuss use of the site, core elements of focus, potential design budget and ideal design style.


STEP 3 - Site documentation

Surveys the property manually and / or with the assistance of GIS software so we can design to scale. This can include topography, flood plain mapping and other site specific information as needed for design and / or permitting purposes.

STEP 4 - Design process

Your designer will draft the property by hand or rendering software to scale. They will build the design using the discussed plant palette, hardscape choices, grading requirements, etc.

We will present the initial design to you, the client, so we can work in tandem to demonstrate, refine and perfect your dream project before a single shovel ever breaks ground.

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